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How To Install a Side Mount Window Blind

Window blinds come in various shapes, sizes and colors. The size of the screen is fixed concerning the measurement of the window where you plan to install the window covering. Before you go on to choose the color and type of the window blind, it is essential to know which kind of mounting you are planning for your window.

Types of Window Mounting

  1. Inside Mount: The window shade is placed inside the window area to fit perfectly into space. This is preferred in cases where the purpose of the window covering is to provide extreme privacy and to prevent any entry of light. It covers the open area of the window. Exact interior measurement is necessary to ensure that the blinds are fixed correctly in place. All kinds of blinds come with inside mounting option however; there may be small restrictions on the easy up and down movements.
  2. Outside Mount: This is the most common kind of window covering style used. The user decides the area outside the window which the blind will cover and the blind is custom made to fit the window. Pulling the blinds up and down are also much easier with this design.
  3. Side Mount: In this style, the blinds are installed from the side of the window. The wall brackets are fixed at the sides. There are limitations that come with a side mount design. The blinds that can be adjusted from the side will usually have a side mount bracket. These are mostly preferred for windows with an arch design when it becomes difficult to fit the bracket to vertical placement.

Side Mount Bracket

Most horizontal window blind models come with brackets that can be used to hang your blinds with a side mount setting. The bracket used for inside, outside or side mounting may be the same for some shade designs. With other designs, you may have to purchase a different side mount bracket after checking with the seller to see if that particular blind can be side mounted. It can give you an advantage on arch windows, whereby you can partially cover the window below the arch area with the side mount blind and the arch can be differentially covered with an arch window treatment covering. It ensures that the window shade does not disrupt your arch design.

Installing Side Mount

Cellular honeycomb shades are the most preferred for side mount requirements. The process of installing a side bracket is the same for inside or outside the window.

  1. Regular brackets can be converted to side mount bracket using an l-bracket. This is attached to the shade bracket by running a bolt through both the brackets and securing it with a nut on top. They are placed at a perpendicular angle to each other. It provides spacing to position the headrail at a comfortable distance from the brackets.
  2. Now attach the “I” bracket to the window side inside or outside the window frame. Place the brackets at the right position and fix it with screws.
  3. Measure the window shade headrail lengthwise. The headrail will be fitted across the length of the window.
  4. Now, mark this length measurement of the window shade on the window side lengthwise. Leave some spacing for floor clearance.
  5. For flush mounts or recessed mounts make the necessary markings inside the window walls.
  6. Concerning the markings, place the bracket in place and mark each screw area. Repeat the marking for the other side too.
  7. Drill the holes and secure the bracket in place.
  8. Assemble the shade into the head rail by placing the wheels carefully without tangling the cords. Secure it in place with the screws provided.
  9. Snap the headrail into the mounted bracket to put the side mount window covering into place.



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