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How to Measure A Window Blind

How to Measure a Window Blind

Window coverings can be composed of different materials like plastic, cloth, wood or metal. These work by pull up cords and tiltable slats which make it possible to have control over the amount of light entering through the blind. Gone are the times when you purchased a particular product from the shop and then could return it due to it being the wrong size. With customized solutions, you can provide a proper measurement of your window and the store will give you a well-fitted window covering.

Customized Window Blinds

Windows today do not a have a standard measurement. They are designed in various sizes and shapes. This makes it difficult to find a matching predefined window blind to fit appropriately into your window dimension. There are several different kinds of window treatments: Roman style, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and much more. There are several colors to choose from, as well as different materials. There are also jute and bamboo roller shades to suit an eco-friendly house structure. You can choose a single color scheme for your shades or different colors and have them custom made in varied styles depending upon the requirement of the particular room.

Preparing to Measure Window Blinds

Measuring the window is the first step before going shopping for window blinds, either online on in local stores. Taking the right measurement is crucial, as even a small difference can result in the treatment fitting improperly.

Before measuring the window, you will need to decide whether you would like an inside mount or an outside mount. The clean-finished look makes inside mounts preferable; however, the window should be deep enough to fit the blind. Outside mounts are preferred in irregularly shaped windows.

To measure the window, you will need a measuring tape, a pen, and paper.
Spreadsheet or table: You can create a table on paper or on your computer with the following fields: top width, height, bottom width, and depth.

Measuring for Inside Mounts

Measure the width of the interior section at the head of the window, the middle area, and the bottom. You can either provide it as it is to the shop and they will adjust the average width size, or you can calculate an average width yourself.

The same process has to be followed for measuring the height; beginning with the height at the two ends, then the middle area and calculate an average.

Measuring for Outside Mounts

For outside mounts, you can take the measurement as you choose. You decide how much longer and wider you want the blind to be for it to cover the area beyond the window frame.

Make sure that the end of the measuring tape is in the right place. If you measure the outside mount area for a longer window, you can use a piece of tape to hold the first end of the measuring tape in place.

Tips to Help When Measuring for Window Blinds

Do not reduce any values from the actual measurement. The person manufacturing the blinds will be reducing a small value from your measurement, and if you have made any deductions, then the final product will be small.

Sometimes you might think that the windows are of the same size, but there may be slight differences, which can have a significant impact on the final product. Therefore, all windows should be measured and named respectively (i.e., master bedroom center window), so that you can match the final product easily with the correct window. You should also measure twice to confirm your numbers.

If the final product is the wrong size because of a problem in measurement, the shop may not take the blind back, as it is unlikely that another person will pick a custom made window shade.

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