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How to Measure A Window Blind

How to Measure a Window Blind

Window coverings can be composed of different materials like plastic, cloth, wood or metal. These work by pull up cords and tiltable slats which make it possible to have control over the amount of light entering through the blind. Gone are the times when you purchased a particular product from the shop and then could return it due to it being the wrong size. With customized solutions, you can provide a proper measurement of your window and the store will give you a well-fitted window covering. Continue reading

How To Install a Side Mount Window Blind

Window blinds come in various shapes, sizes and colors. The size of the screen is fixed concerning the measurement of the window where you plan to install the window covering. Before you go on to choose the color and type of the window blind, it is essential to know which kind of mounting you are planning for your window. Continue reading

Energy Efficient Window Blinds

With an increase in environmental issues, people are becoming more aware of and are taking measures to ensure a sustainable economy. This has been applied to window coverings, where manufacturers are using sustainable materials to manufacture the window blinds. Window coverings can increase energy efficiency, and also save a few pennies on your electricity bill.

Interior and Exterior Blinds

Blinds have openings between the slats making it possible to control the amount of heat and light entering through them. During the bright summer days, these can be kept completely closed and lowered to reduce the amount of heat which enters through the window, and this has been proven to provide up to 45% ventilation to the house. Reflective materials can also be used for blinds to improve energy efficiency.

The ventilation provided by the exterior shades are comparatively lower than the inner blinds, as there are routes for heat entry through the open sides.

Insulated Shades

In an attempt to meet goals related to energy efficiency, traditional insulated window panels have now been replaced with insulated Roman blinds. Manufacturers are now allowing the customer to pick insulated shades, adding a layer to the style chosen by you, without affecting the core design of the window covering.

Sheer Shades

This type of shade works similarly as sheer drapes added to cloth curtains. They provide protection against the intense heat of the sun and keeps the house from heating up. With reduced heating of the house, the cost of operating air conditioners can be reduced significantly during the summer. Features of Sheer Shades include:

1. Filters UV light and prevents its entry.
2. Diffuses light and allows only the desired amount of light and heat to enter the room.
3. Available in a wide range of colors and materials.
4. Can be added to a porch or patio area to reduce the entry of light.
5. Can be motorized.

Honeycomb Shades

These are the most energy efficient of all window blinds available in the market. There are typical blackout designs available that will keep the house intensely protected from the sun. They are also available with other energy efficient options like light filtering and room darkening. Newer models even have those with an insulation coating which allows the blinds to retain the heat in the interior during winter and prevent heat from entering the window during the summer.

Proper Usage of Blinds for Energy Efficiency

Blinds can be used differently depending on the season, to ensure that they provide the desired result. The blind should be able to block out the sun during the summer and keep the house cool. During the winter, the blind should provide heat and retain heat in the house. This can reduce the usage of air conditioners in the summer and heaters in the winter. During winter, the blinds that cover the south side of the house can be placed open to let heat in. During summer, all the blinds should be kept closed to prevent heat entry. During the cold winter, the blinds should be closed at night to avoid loss of heat.

Windows cover only a small area of the house when compared to the walls and doors. With an open window, you may face the risk of letting ten times as much heat into a room, as compared to the same area of wall. Through proper planning for the winter and summer with window treatments, you could see some significant savings on your electric bills.

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